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Discover the power and fun of the Human Dictionary with your students today! A subscription to this site will allow your students to experience vocabulary like they never have before. Join the Human Dictionary as he uses everyday situations to bring vocabulary to life! Students will love the benefits of an expanded vocabulary, as they learn that their dreams are truly words away...

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Your students will enjoy the benefits of possessing a stronger vocabulary

The Human Dictionary's use of everyday settings and activities to introduce students to new vocabulary is a sure way to engage your students as they learn. is extremely user-friendly! Choose from a number of videos that represent different situations that students see every day and that will enable them to connect their vocabulary with the real world.

Watch as your vocabulary lesson goes from a mundane activity to one of the most exciting parts of your students day!


Ready for Your Students to learn with The Human Dictionary?

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If you love what the Human Dictionary video program is all about, you can experience it live! The Human Dictionary has developed a three session seminar entitled "Talking your Way to Success" and he is available for keynote speeches. Your students are sure to be inspired as they hear the Human Dictionary not only talk about building vocabulary, but how to use it in their everyday lives!

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